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Refunds and Returns Policy for Purchased Devices

  1. Purpose.

Bendigo Smartphones (“we”, “us” or “our”) values all customers (“you”, “the customer” or “owner”) and we aim to provide a positive experience to all services provided, including the purchase of a refurbished device. We understand that sometimes, returns may be necessary. To maintain fairness, we have established a comprehensive Returns and Refunds policy that emphasises our right to assess the condition of the returned device and determine a result.

  1. Definitions.

  1. “Device” or “Devices” refers to the handheld phone or tablet that you have purchased from us, Bendigo Smartphones.
  2. “Return” refers to the handing over of the device in which you purchased from us, in original condition and with all accessories that were originally sold to you.
  3. “Customer” or “owner” refers to you, the purchaser of the handheld device.

  1. Eligibility for Returns.

You may be eligible to return the refurbished device you purchased from Bendigo Smartphones if it meets the following criteria;

  1. The device was purchased directly from Bendigo Smartphones.
  2. The device is in excellent condition and there are no new marks or faults with the device that were not there upon sale of said device.
  3. The device is accompanied by original proof of purchase.
  4. The device is deemed faulty through determination of a Bendigo Smartphones technician if the fault or technical issue is seen in real time by that technician.

This includes any Cords, Cases or Battery Packs that were purchased from Bendigo Smartphones and are deemed faulty from manufacture and not through normal ‘wear and tear’ usage.

Devices that do not meet these criteria may not be eligible for a return and are determined by a Bendigo Smartphones technician.

Devices NOT eligible for return:

  1. Warranty or Return Period Expiration: 

Bendigo Smartphones does not accept returns for devices that are outside of the warranty period of 6 months.

  1. Change of Mind: 

Bendigo Smartphones does not accept return of devices due to a customer’s change of mind. This is due to the nature of device resale and limitations set out by the companies that make these devices. This is not something that Bendigo Smartphones determines, and we are within our rights to refuse a refund based on the age of the device and its resalability.

This also includes any Cases, Cords or Battery Packs that were purchased from Bendigo Smartphones.

  1. Physical Damage:

Any additional physical damages or alterations to a device automatically deem it non-returnable. Cracks, dents, scratches, water damage or signs of tampering automatically exclude the device from being eligible for return.

  1. Missing Components:

Devices must be returned with all original components/accessories including cables, chargers, manuals and packaging. Missing components can result in the denial of return.

  1. Software Modifications: 

If the device presents with evidence of software tampering such as jailbreaking or rooting, this automatically voids warranties and terms and conditions and Bendigo Smartphones will not accept phones with altered software.

  1. Consumable or Non-Returnable Items:

Products not eligible for returns are that of battery packs and cases. These can be returned only with original, undamaged packaging and under the condition that they are faulty.

  1. Serial Number or IMEI Mismatch:

The serial number or IMEI number on the device must match the information on the purchase receipt or warranty registration. A mismatch automatically disqualifies the device from being returned.

  1. Inadequate Proof of Purchase: 

You will need to provide valid proof of purchase- being a receipt with purchase details. Without this documentation, we are unable to process the return.

  1. Return Abuse:

Frequent or excessive returns from the same customer may result in restrictions or the denial of future returns.

  1. Return Process.

If your device meets the criteria listed for eligible returns, please contact Bendigo Smartphones to discuss the return and the reason you wish to return/be refunded. You can contact us on (03) 4416 2838 or visit us at 5 King Street, Bendigo VIC 3550.

        Please note that you will be required to quote the ticket number listed on the receipt so that we are able to confirm you are the original purchaser of the device.

One of our technicians will then discuss the return with you and conduct an inspection of the device in order to ensure it is in returnable condition.

  1. Inspection and Determination.

Upon receiving the device, our technician will conduct a thorough inspection to ensure that the device adheres to the criteria mentioned in Section 3.

Bendigo Smartphones reserves the right to determine the condition of the device and whether it is eligible for refund or exchange. This determination will be made based on our evaluation of the device’s condition. If the device is found to be in the exact condition it was sold in and the reason for return is acceptable by management, Bendigo Smartphones will refund the amount purchased for the phone when data is confirmed to be removed from the device.


Please note that if the device is part of a trade in or exchange, the customer will ONLY be refunded for the value of the device purchased and not the overall value of that device. The device that was traded in is not included in the return/refund as that device becomes property of Bendigo Smartphones . The customer waives the right to have that device returned to them in the event of trade-in or exchange. unless there are special circumstances pertaining to that trade in. For further information, please see our ((Trade in/Exchange Policy)).

Bendigo Smartphones makes every effort to be fair in determining the condition in which the device is returned in line with all legal standards. In that, Bendigo Smartphones reserves the right to determine the device's condition and that determination is final. This is documented on the device’s sale log and will be adhered to by other staff members.

  1. Non-Eligible Returns.

As outlined in Section 3, devices that do not meet the eligibility criteria, including those with visible signs of wear and tear, damage, or missing accessories, will not be eligible for a refund.

In such cases, we may offer to repair the device or replace it with a refurbished or similar device.

  1. Exclusions.

This return policy does not apply to devices covered under warranty provided upon the sale of said device. This Warranty covers faults not otherwise known to Bendigo Smartphones prior to sale but that which can be confirmed is not the fault of the purchaser.

Bendigo Smartphones reserves the right to refuse warranty if the technical issue cannot be replicated or present itself upon inspection of the device.

This return policy does not apply to devices covered under warranties, which are subject to the terms and conditions specified in our warranty policy.

  1. Final Discretion.

Bendigo Smartphones reserves the right to make the final determination on all returns, exchanges, and refunds. We may amend this policy at any time without prior notice.

By making a purchase from Bendigo Smartphones, you acknowledge and agree to abide by the terms and conditions of this return policy.

If you have any questions or concerns about our return policy, please contact us here:

Phone: (03) 4416 2838.

Address: 5 King Street, Bendigo VIC 3550

Mon-Fri 9am-5pm and Sat 10am-2pm.


Thank you for choosing Bendigo Smartphones for your device purchase. We appreciate your business and are committed to providing exceptional service.